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Team DOVETAIL Journey by Mike Kinkin

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

"When I started this journey with Rocky Carson, I was hoping to help a friend, a fellow racquetball player and just a good person during hard economic times. From the beginning, I just wanted to do the right thing. Since this time, we have grown into helping many more racquetball players from the “Pro” to the Junior Level. This idea, this venture has been difficult to execute. It only had a vision and work ethic. I am not the easiest to work with. I have high expectations and want what is best for all involved. With no blueprint, I just knew if I tried my best and treated people with respect, we could join together and make a difference. We now have 6 professionals, 9 juniors, 4 support staff and a dream. Now let’s fast forward to today…I feel like we are on the verge of collapse… Not as a team, we are stronger than ever, but as a family. This family called racquetball. We have fractions that want transparency and when given it, they get on a soap box and shout at the top of their lungs, “I told you so!” They beat their chests and exclaim we need change. When questioned about what that change is, they will tell you, “I don’t know, they won’t listen anyway.” Their passive-aggressive nature comes out and they wonder why the powers-to-be are silent. They are silent perhaps, because any answer they give won’t live up to the expectations of the ones receiving. Sometimes the answers are as simple as they sound. A change of heart, a willingness to move on, or perhaps family. We don’t know everything that goes on in an individual’s life and we have no right to publicly know. If an individual wants change then invoke change, first in yourself to make the commitment to the change you want. Develop the game plan to execute that change. Be relentless in your pursuits. It can be rather satisfying and often like you were hit in the gut. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and “Just Do It!” Work effortlessly doing what you believe is the right thing and don’t let words get in your way. I don’t sit on any local, state, national, or international boards. I’m just a woodworker from Florida trying to make an honest living; however, I do believe we have made a difference. I believe this because of the outpouring of support that our team receives. If you don’t believe in yourself and show that you can be the driving force of change, no one else will do it for you. Words are empty without action. Words only hurt if you let them. Challenge yourself to make the changes you feel that you deserve. Use your own energy and if the message is right people will help. If your message is concise, factual and honest change will happen, though it may be slow, it will happen! I don’t agree with many things that are currently going on. I don’t believe that any of our leaders have all the answers. I do believe that they are trying hard to achieve what they feel is right. Get to know your leaders, listen to them and they will listen to you. I have working relationships with all of them. Some of them don’t like me and that’s ok. I don’t like some of them. But without cooperation we will all just be standing on our soap box hoping to be heard. You will only be heard by the ones that want to receive the same message and ignored by the others. We have a couple of choices. We can try to work together and solve the problems, or we can keep shouting about how unfair racquetball is. If anyone wants to start a new organization start one, whether it be professional, amateur or social. I’m going to keep doing what I feel is right. I will work towards a common goal to make Racquetball Enjoyable Again. This is going to happen through rebuilding, rebranding and retaking. Understand, I’m not asking for permission, and neither should you. Don’t let your personal mistakes wear you down. They are going to happen. Keep doing what you believe is right through action and your plan will fall into place!"

~Mike Kinkin

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